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About Us

Acme Data was founded in 1998 as a consulting company focused on the implementation of enterprise applications. Our team was comprised of senior software developers who had worked for many of the leading commercial application vendors.

Our customer’s relied heavily on their applications and quickly became aware that their level of success was dependent on the quality of their data. Increasingly these customers asked Acme Data to solve their data quality problems.

Initially we worked with the commercial data quality solutions that were available at that time. All of the these products had been designed to clean data in flat files and fell significantly short of addressing the data quality requirements of enterprise applications. Because of the limitations of these products, we began developing software.

Demand for our software increased and it became clear that we were serving an unmet need. In 2001, Acme Data transformed from a consulting company to an enterprise data quality software company.

As consultants, working side by side with customers provided us with unique insight into their needs. The product that resulted from these experiences, DQ*Plus, combines our expertise in enterprise applications with the knowledge of enterprise data quality requirements that we gained from having “walked in your shoes”.

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