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Salesforce Usability (part 2 of 3): Smart Search

Posted by Tom Brennan on August 10, 2015
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Your users need a simple way to get data into Salesforce and they need a simple way to get it out. Finding records in Salesforce is sometimes challenging. Because your data will always be less than perfect, you need a way to quickly find the records you want even when the data that was entered is inaccurate.

The answer is to implement a Smart Search capability that searches for records the way a human would. If you search for the name Bob, the search can return records for Rob, Robert and Bobby. Similarly, if a last name is entered, a Smart Search will return records that are a close, but not exact match for that name. Working in concert with bubble up functionality, the list of matching records returned becomes more refined as more data is entered (like phone or address). These capabilities allow your users to quickly find the records they are looking for with less data entry.

Further, if you are working with Leads, returning matching Account, Contact and Lead records in a single search creates a number of efficiencies. The entry of duplicate Leads is prevented and the consolidated history of activity for a Lead is preserved. The entry of Leads that are already customers is also prevented. With Smart Search, usability is improved and redundant work that degrades the value of your data is eliminated.

Fewer clicks and less fumbling around makes happy users. Better data makes everything more efficient. At the least it’s a win, win.

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