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Enterprise Architecture

Java EE, JSP, Zero Footprint

DQ*Plus has a service-oriented architecture and was developed on the Java EE platform. Application metadata is stored in the DQ*Plus database, transaction management and distributed computing are handled by the DQ*Plus application server and screens are presented in a browser through a zero footprint, JSP user interface.

Web Services APIs

DQ*Plus provides a Web Services API that ensures maximum interoperability with legacy and third party applications. This API can be used to embed DQ*Plus functionality anywhere in the enterprise including custom applications and system integrations.

Enterprise Management, Anywhere

A single installation of the DQ*Plus Enterprise Server will manage data quality across a customer’s entire enterprise. DQ*Plus requires no installation on the client side (no client side installation exists).

The DQ*Plus service-oriented architecture provides the highest level of scalability and interoperability while providing maximum protection for your software investment.

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