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Designed for the Business User

A key goal of the DQ*Plus product design was elimination of the frustrating complexities common to most enterprise applications. Further, several features were developed to greatly accelerate the processes that take you from integration to deployment.

Application and Database Aware Connectors

DQ*Plus reads the metadata repositories of your applications and the data dictionaries of your databases. DQ*Plus is automatically aware of all data structures as well as any modifications made to your data model.

Packaged Rules

DQ*Plus provides packaged rules to clean your data and consolidate duplicate records. These packages eliminate the work required to develop rules from scratch.

Point and Click Interface

Designed for the business user, the DQ*Plus user interface is easy to navigate. Creating and testing rules is an intuitive process. As rules are created, English text is generated describing each rule. Technical people will also appreciate how easy it is to use.


Quality assurance is the most time consuming component of any data quality project. Before modifying data in bulk, businesses want to know that their data is safe. DQ*Plus SIMULATOR shows you exactly how your data will change before you change it, in real time and on real data. DQ*Plus SIMULATOR dramatically reduces the majority of time required for testing and the cost of implementation.

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