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DQ*Plus makes it easy to cleanse data and consolidate duplicate records in Salesforce.com.

Salesforce.com Connector

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The DQ*Plus Salesforce.com Connector eliminates integration work and enables logic that is more powerful by providing easy access to all Salesforce.com data.

  • DQ*Plus reads the Salesforce.com metadata
  • Is automatically aware of every object, field and customization in your Salesforce.com application
  • Understands and automatically navigates relationships between objects
  • Is optimized to work with SOAP and Bulk APIs to maximize performance and minimize the impact of governor limits

DQ*Plus allows you to define business rules using combinations of Objects and fields.

DQ*Plus Interactive for Salesforce.com

DQ*Plus Interactive provides features that are embedded in the Salesforce.com user interface. As users search for or enter data, DQ*Plus interacts with the user to prevent the entry of inaccurate data and duplicate records.

  • Smart Search – finds customer records where application queries do not by using combinations of search techniques and rules
  • Address Wizard – Automatically fills in address data, significantly reducing keystrokes and making it virtually impossible to enter a bad address

Finding records that would have otherwise not been found and finding them quickly, combined with fewer keystrokes for entering data results in significant time savings. Sales teams are more effective because the time saved is spent selling.

To learn how DQ*Plus can quickly improve the return on your Salesforce.com investment call (925) 913-4593 or send email.