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DQ*Plus has connectors for all of the major SQL/relational databases, including IBM DB2.

IBM DB2 Database Connector

The DQ*Plus IBM DB2 Database Connector eliminates the need for custom integration work, saving your business time and money.

  • DQ*Plus connects to your IBM DB2 database using JDBC
  • Interrogates the IBM DB2 data dictionary
  • Makes all of the tables and fields available for use in data quality processes
  • Automatically navigates the relationships between tables

Batch and Persistent

DQ*Plus provides automated cleansing of your IBM DB2 database.

  • Batch Mode – Cleans your data based on a schedule that you define
  • Persistent Mode – Monitors your database and cleans records when they are created or updated

DQ*Plus keeps your data constantly clean.

Web Services API

DQ*Plus provides a Web Services API that allows you to embed data quality functionality anywhere in your custom applications or integrations.

To learn more about solving data quality problems in your IBM DB2 database call (925) 913-4593 or email us.