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They Can’t Find My Record

Posted by Tom Brennan on March 05, 2014
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I called one of the major PC vendors recently to purchase a new laptop. We had purchased from them several times before. The sales rep on the phone asked me if I knew my customer number. I didn’t. He exhaled as though exhausted and asked me if I could find it. He said it would save us about twenty minutes.

I was at one of the major office supply outlets this week to purchase additional business cards. At checkout, the clerk asked me if I was a Rewards Member. Sometimes I tell them that I am not. Sometimes I tell them that I am but that they shouldn’t try to find my record because other clerks had tried and failed on multiple occasions, no matter how hard they tried. I don’t like when they try because it wastes a lot of my time.

This stuff frustrates customers and no business wants this to happen. But it does, seemingly more often than not.

Occasionally I will mention to the rep or the clerk that I work for a company that solves this problem. This is not a plug it is simply stating that this problem can be solved. An inability to find customer records in your applications or databases doesn’t just cause internal inefficiencies (which cost money). It impacts customers directly.

It costs money. It frustrates customers. It’s ugly. It’s fixable.

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