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Address Verification and Data Cleansing

DQ*Plus takes your bad data and gives you back clean and accurate data (like addresses).

DQ*Plus standardizes your data so that it presents uniformly to your customers and makes records easier to find.


US Address Verification

The DQ*Plus address verification engine is CASS Certified™ by the USPS®. DQ*Plus address processing uses the latest USPS data file to validate addresses to the street number range and apply the ZIP+4® code. DQ*Plus also provides Delivery Point Validation (DPV™) which can validate the existence of an address to the street number and secondary unit number based on the latest USPS data file. Additional data may be appended during address processing, such as suite, carrier route code, delivery point barcode, county name, latitude and longitude coordinates, time zone and US census data.

International Address Verification

DQ*Plus corrects, verifies and standardizes address data for over 200 countries using rules that comply with local postal standards and address data files provided by the postal authorities from each country.

For more information about the address verification and data cleansing capabilities of DQ*Plus call (925) 913-4593 or send email.